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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a dutch company with international business relations we fin dit important to give back to the (international) community in order to create a better world. At Personalcares we try to do this through every aspect of the business. On this page you will find information about how we are doing that.


Financial support

Social Responsible entrepeneurship can be in a lot of ways. Because we find that every person and/or organisation has their own specialties, we feel the need and importance to support those people/organisations with financial ways.


That is why we put 1% of an order value aside. After every quarter we decide internally to which charity we send those savings to.  


Entrepeneurial support

Besides financial support, we want to support our fellow entrepeneurs who are also working towards a better world. That is why we select our suppliers and (software) partners based on which support they give. A good example for this is our partner Centerpiece Sales. As a allround sales office they support us, but in the background they are also supporting the foundation Maluku Youth. This foundation makes sure that kids in Indonesia/The Moluccan Islands are supported in their overall development.

At Personalcares we always think about the future and long term. That’s why there are some activitites we would like to set up once the company has been settled for the long term:


1.       Event.

Once a year we want to organise a day with the team in order to support the minorities in the country. Not only mentally, but also physically. The way this will be realized can’t be fully presented yet, but what’s important to know is that during the event there will be focus on minorities.


2.       Funds

At Personalcares we mainly focus on the Health & Beauty sector. With this we are aware that the majority of our consumers consists of women. In the future we want to open our own funds which support (underage) women in their creativity and entrepeneurship. Something that is already common in the wet, but due to our international business relationships, we see opportunity to do this for several communities and countries such as Indonesia.

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Do you have a question about our CSR or the activities we support? Chat with us or send us a message through:
+316-38788516 (whatsapp)

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