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About Us

About us.

In the beginning of 2018 2 guys met each other at their current work not knowing that they would create personalcares.

It all started when the two guys were taking a walk outside the office. They came to the conclusion that people don’t need all kinds of products that will do miraculous things. All people need is to have products that make your hair feel healthier, your hands feel silky smooth and products that will give you an actual healthy benefit.

With our supplies we want to make sure people are provided with the necessary (healthy) basics, no matter the gender or age.

By buying a product at Personalcares you do not only support yourself, but also a healthier environment for the world.

About the gentlemen

Both gentlemen are for a longer period in time active within the e-commerce, import and health & beauty sector. So did they have their own webshop and contacts with Indonesia have been close for a while since one of the owners in of Indonesian descent. The result: easy communications and quick pick up.



When it comes to Health & Beauty both the guys are no strangers to it. Even though they have had their own active webshop, there bring more expertise to the table.

One of the owners has studied law and rights at university and has he been active within business trading. He also has been active within e-commerce as Risk officer. Besides that he has successfully put some new products onto the market.

The other has studied communication science and brings expertise from within the e-commerce, FMCG and Health & Beauty sector. Besides that he is for a longer period of time active with importing and exporting products with Indonesia as his main focus.




At Personalcares we strive to create a better and healthier world. We do this by selecting our products based on the quality and which benefits it has for the user. 

We believe that quality can be found throughout the whole world, therefore is the world our playground.



At Personalcares we strive to have quality products in every household and for every user, because good quality is reliable for the long term.

Having quality products from Personalcares means that you share the same vision as we do: successful and longterm products usage in order to create a better pollution free world. 

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