You are probably wondering what Ellips hairvitamines are. With this blog we will go deeper into the subject and the reason why we are putting the Ellips product on the Benelux market. 

Ellips Haarvitamines?
Once you read several blogs about taking care of your hair and what the best hairvitamins should have in their product (ingredients), you will soon find out Vitamin B and E. Experts say that Vitamin B will strengthen your hair. Vitamin E however will stimulate hairgrowth.

Ellips Hairvitamins have both vitamins added. On top of that, each variant has the Moroccan Argan Oil in it, which is positive for the hair in general. If the strengthening of your hair (Vitamin B) or the stimulation of the hairgrowth (Vitamin E) is not enough for you, then you will be satisfied to know that you will gain that extra maintenance and shine with the added Moroccan Argan Oil.

Why Ellips?
With Ellips we dare to say that we are moving forward. It doesn’t only makes your hair beautiful and shiny, it is even a Halal produced item. This means it is not damaging for humans AND animals, because it is mandatory to NOT test it on animals. Products which have a Halal certificate will also not have ingredients such as pigs in it.

More reason for us to love the hairvitamins.

now we see it as our job to convince you about the hairvitamins and why we are happy with it. To get you guys acquainted with the product we have set up a pre-order campagne.

Per Januari 2019 we will introduce the product on the Benelux market. Ellips Hairvitamins consists of 5 variants and is for several types of hair. Pre-order your box (12x6 strips) and get 10% discount!

With the pre-order you will receive more than 40% discount on a loose strip.

How does it work?

With the pre-order you are guaranteed of at least 12x6 strips of 1 variant of the hairvitamins. This gives you the time and opportunity to fully test the product. Pre order your box through the link or go to designated page. Please note: we ask a downpayment of 35% to reserve your pre-order.


Do you have questions about the boxes and/or your pre-order? Chat with us or sen dus a message through