When you first see our logo you might think one of the two below things:

1.       Wow it’s so curly and beautiful!

2.       Why would you simply choose a C as logo? Isn’t it PersonalCares?


Well, yes: we went for curly and beautiful. But we also chose the C as our brand logo because it stands for what we do: Care. We care for our consumers and our world. In every aspect of the company you will see Personal and Caring coming back. Personal because of our approach and our mentality. Care because our products are not harmful to animals and non-damageable for humans. Even through our business we take care of others. To give you an example: from every order we put aside 1% in our quarterly savings pot. At the end of every quarter we choose a charity we wish to give the funds to.


Always take it personal.
Team PersonalCares