As you might have read we are Personalcares: nice to meet you. To get acquainted with us we would like to give you some insights in who we are and what we do. We can best be defined through 3 values:

1. Health
The first one is health. Our portfolio consists of products that are good for you and/or your childrens health. To ensure this value we check with our suppliers what and how they produce. E.g.: one of our suppliers has a Halal certificate. This means that the products they produce are harmless for animals, haven’t been tested on animals and is not damageable for humans.


2. Beauty
Beauty can be found in everything. For us at Personalcares it is important to make sure our consumers look good, but also feel good about the products they us. With our products you can be assured that it contributes to your inner and outer beauty.

3. Personal
To be personal is to be social. Just like our slogan says: always take it Personal. When you take it personal, you will treat it as it would happen to you. That’s why we select our products based on how it affects your health and/or beauty. To give an example: we always let our products go through our own environment (= family, friends) and see what their feedback is. Once it comes through the test, we will offer it to you.

Hopefully you got to know us a little bit better now. Rest assured that we will update you through our blog about things to come. Stay up-to-date through our blog, social media and shop!

Always Take It Personal.
Team Personalcares.